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About Me
Robert's Story
This is a true story; my story;
My name is Robert and this is my story;
I was born in South Carolina and as a youth I have always believe in God; but I did not know Him; as a youth I went to a Baptist church, where they taught me religion, and talk about joining the church, and about singing in the church choir, but not living Holy,I saw no real life change there.
When I got a little older I went to a seven day advents Church service that was started in my grand mother home, I learn a lot about keeping the Ten Commandment law, and keeping the Sabbath day. Saturday was the most importation day, but in this religion, we did not eat pork meat, I saw no real repentance there, but just keep the Sabbath day, we could not watch tv,or cook,from sun down friday to sun down saturday.
At the age of about fourteen; I went to a church of God in Christ, church; at this church they talk about speaking in tongues you had to ask the Lord to saved you, one night, get sanctify the next; and speak in tongues,the next, tongues was the only way to be really saved in that church.
At about sixteen; I went to a holiness church;it was like that church of God in Christ, that I had gone to,now I never did speak in tongues there, I also had read the Holy Bible from front to back.
I did all this and still did not know Jesus as my Lord and Savior.
I do also remember when I was younger I prayed and cried one day and I told the Lord that I wanted to go to Heaven when I die.
Now at the age of about sixteen I went by my grand mother house one day, and she was watching Billy Graham; preaching; on a TV program.
From that time on I began to watch him on TV; and as I watch him;preach I was touch by his message of Jesus.
If there was a dance or a party going on and Billy Graham would be on TV I would tell my friends I was not going, I was going to stay home and watch Billy Graham; they felt like something was wrong with me, I just wanted to go to Heaven, and I also believe that hell was real.
One day I prayed to the Lord; and I told Him I know that the bible talk about living right, but I do not see anyone else doing it, I believe the bible is true let me find a church like Billy Graham..
I even wrote Billy Graham; a letter asking him how to become a real Christian; he sent me some papers, but I did not really understand the depth of what he was trying to tell me.
I went to a black muslim,meeting they taught so much hate,against white people,I stood against them, and told them this seem like a reglion of hate,I have always believe that God love all people.
A few years later I met a minister from Austin Texas; who also had heard Mr, Graham on the radio in 1949; when he live in California, he was a gambler he got caught up with the wrong people they tried to take his life; and in a jail cell he call on the Lord; to saved him; the Lord not only saved him, but deliver him,and years later call him into the ministry to preach the gospel.
At the age of nineteen Nov; 28, 1971 I gave my life to Jesus; made Him my Lord and Savior.
I end up getting married at nineteen, now I can see now that it was a mistake for me to get marry,at my age, I was nothing but a kid myself, but I tried to make it work, it was not easy to many strom,and not the right love and understanding.
It ends in divorce after many years, there had always seem to be problems, one was because I was eight years younger I feel.
Maybe my wife needed an older man.
Now let me tell you about my Church that I use to belong to, I was taught to live right, and taught about Jesus, Not that He was God; but lesser that He was created by God; I was also taught about the Holy Spirit; not as God or a person.
But just the power of God; speaking in tongues was not allow, it was taught to be a lesser gift,not one to be prayed for, and taught against.
We were also taught against women preachers, taught not to many churches or ministers and churches were right.
We had no true fellowship with any other church, it was like we were the only ones right, but with prayer and study,I did not believe we was the only true church right.
It came to a point with the head minister and what he said was law, almost as if he was God Himself.
Now don’t get me wrong the minister live a godly life, help many people but some of his views that I saw and that I felt was wrong, and could damage people, and give them a real narrow view,read no other minister books,or listen, to no other ministers preach or teach, the bible, I feel he meant well, but some of his views and understanding was not correct,some even call him Jim Jones,because we seem to act if we was the only ones right.
Now as for me I guess because I did study my bible; and with a lot of prayer,the Holy Spirit; would give me many, answer,on how to look at scripture;and other things,so I did not agree with a lot of his views, I also saw that Jesus was God; and that the Holy Spirit was a real person; and that He was God the Spirit; I also saw that speaking tongues was one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit; I also saw in the Old Testament and New Testament that God did use women in special ways.
I felt to many of his views was to narrow,
Now my wife seem to have most of her faith in the head minister, and it was like he was her god in many ways.
For what he said was law, I feel because a lot of the church did not study the bible for themselves they just believe what was said.
But what I am about to tell you had a big affect on my marriage, that end up bring conflict because of the things that happen to me.
I have now been living by myself since Dec10, 1999, each day I think the Lord for His love and mercy that He has for me and His keeping power that has kept me.
Looking back to the year of 1990, speaking of June and July I became restless in my Christian walk with the Lord.
I felt like something was missing in my Christian life; I could not put my finger on the problem or what was missing.
I just felt like I wanted to get closer to the Lord, but I did not know how to get any closer to Him.
Just thinking back, I have been a Christian since Nov., 28, 1971 and I knew that I was born again, and knew I was saved.
But looking over my life I felt like I had not did my all for the Lord, I had read my Bible all most every day and I had spoken to a lot of people about the love of Christ and how to be saved.
But when July came around I was really praying a lot, calling on the Lord to help me to draw nearer to Him.
Now about the last two weeks of July I would wake up about three o'clock in the morning
And a voice in side would be dealing with me about how Holy God is; and this went on for about three weeks.
I went on a three days and a half fasted praying to the Lord that he would answer my prayers.
Up to this time, I had already fasted four days and fasted two and a half days in my Christian life.
On Saturday august 10th about ten thirty a.m. I was in prayer I don't know how long I had been praying,to the Lord.
I felt like power was coming all over me and I felt like a coal of fire went into my chest.
And it burn but it did not hurt and I felt great joy it felt like I was like being born again of the Holy Spirit,the fire in my chest kept on burning.
This feeling lasted for a few hours I began to praise the Lord for about three hours.
The next day was Sunday and I was glad.
When I went to church the next day the Lord bless me to have a word and I felt the Holy Spirit, speaking thought my voice.
Monday I did not go to work I stayed at home and I felt so much peace inside, I knew that the experience that I had was not a normal one but out of the ordinary to me.
Tuesday I stayed home from work I had.
Much joy and peace I was so happy, when I went to bed Tuesday night I lay my bible on my Chest and prayed and call the names of each of the brothers and sisters in Christ; by name from my church, it seem like just a few hours had pass.
When I close my eyes I felt like I was floating and when I open my eyes I was still laying in my bed.
I close my eyes again and I begin to float again I had great peace of mind and spirit.
When I stop praying, I began to look up and meditate on the Lord for a good while.
Then a Hole appeared in the ceiling, and then a beam of light like fire came down through the hole in the ceiling and flew around and went back up through the hole and disappears.
And I could not believe what I was seeing, so I got out of my bed and cut on the light.
I started talking to myself about what I saw after a while I cut out the light and went back to bed.
While laying there in bed thinking on what had just happen, the room began to change it became real black and got real clouded something like smoke, and after awhile a large beam of light came down.
Down into my bed room I didn't know what to think or what to do, but just laying there and just looking.
Now the beam of light that came into my room in the beam of light it look like two eyes then the beam disappeared, I felt good and I was afraid also.
The room began to get clouded again then two beams of light came down from the ceiling.
And an image or a spirit was in the beam of light and it disappeared and the room would get jet black afterward cloudy.
And more beams of light, would come and go. This went on most of the night, I had the feeling like this was too much to deal with.
Then an image or spirit came down had eyes like fire and flew around then later a picture appeared on the wall in my bed room.
Look like clouds was in the picture, the picture became blue the image of a man face appeared in the picture.
Different faces appear in the picture I just kept on looking like what is next this is hard to believe.
That this was happening to me who would believe me that this is really happening what would I do.
I was afraid I did not know what to do the picture disappeared the room became jet black.
A spirit got close to my face, and then another image stood in the door way it looks to have many wings it turn left and
and it turn right little lights was going on and off; it had eyes I said to myself.
To myself I will be glad when morning comes, because this went on all night long.
I tried to close my eyes not to see any more but with my eyes close I could still see as if
My eyes were still open look like my eyes went blind then it became clear, different image kept flying.
Flying around the image never talk there was so much power in the room, I began to ask the Lord to help me because I didn't understand what was really going on in my life.
Why me because I was afraid and wanted to know why this was happening to me.
Wednesday morning about eight o'clock I call my pastor to let him know what had happen to me.
He said it was truly a revelation he said I could talk about it at church that night.
When my wife came home from work I told her about it, she just listen to what I had to say.
When my wife left home I laid back down the bed seem to move I felt like I should close my
Eyes when I laid back down close my eyes I began to float again I felt peace with my
Eyes close I saw like a bright image and I was with the image going up above the clouds I kept on going up to what seem to be real brightness.
Later my wife came home I became restless I would lay down then I would get up lay down.
And get up walk around lay back down get back up so I lay back down in day light I saw another
Image appeared like a door with a light and it would change I close my eyes again I saw
Explosion as I travel I saw a building like a dome with a golden roof on top.
When I got to church that night the pastor met me he huge me and said that I had the power of God in my life.
In church we had some brothers to give their testimonies how the Lord was working in their life.
When the pastor got ready to pray I close my eyes I saw a vision of the pastor and a group.
Marching down the idle of the church, after I finish speaking the pastor got up with a lesson.
On angels and bare witness of what I had said had happen to me, and that he was going to make me a minister.
Because of what had happen to me I said I did not want to be a minister.
When I got home from church and I went to bed after prayer I saw a spirit come near me it had
Blue coals of fire in each hand and put them into my eyes and my eyes burn but they did not hurt.
so later that Night I felt something go under the bed and I heard like wings moving I was still with my with my eyes close the bed seem to be moving, the next morning I went to work when I would Close my eyes I would began to travel later sitting in my car a cloud form on the window of my car and a face look at me and change I felt like it was evil.
later the pastor had me to come by his house to talk to some of my brother and sister in Christ
At the pastor house I went to use the rest room, now in the rest room I had a bad feeling come over me I felt weak I didn't know what it was.
After I left the pastor house I still felt weak
When I went to work the next day I still had that same weak feeling I went next door to the bath room.
Soon as I walk into the rest room look like the shadow of a man was standing by the wall it threw some thing at me seem to hit me in my chest.
Afterward all the weak feeling left me and I felt joy again and the image disappeared.
When I went to bed turn out the light, the room became bright for about ten minute
The room would get dark the room would get clouded then the image would appear floating
Like it was vibrating it look like a vapor mix with fog with eyes the color was blue, white
With spark of red, the room seem to be fill with a power and peace when I close my eyes I
Could still see the image with eyes close I began to travel with the image I saw many things, one time I open my eyes I was in space I saw the whole earth it was below I was traveling in space I don't know how I got back in my bed.
When Saturday evening came a brother in Christ came to use the phone, my wife was cooking
Two water glass was sitting on the table when I began to look at the glasses a cloud form on one of them.
And it turns into a face the face look like a beast it was black with red eyes three horns
On top of it head and a crown on each horn and it kept looking at me I ask my wife and
Guest could they see the face they look and said they did not see anything on the glass
They could not, then a crystal clear form of a man appear in side the other glass I don't know
How long it lasted I felt inside that this was the devil being manifest in two forms
Evil and an angel of light, when I went to bed that night my bed room became ice cold the kind that
Have your bones freezing remember this is august.
When I got to church Sunday and saw the pastor face I felt like some thing was wrong, like some
One had been talking to the pastor about me and my experience the pastor said he would make
Me a trustee instead of a minister I could not understand the change and it hurt me
The pastor told me in front of the church that the Lord was not using me to show him how to
Live in the spirit world I was crush I couldn't understand how he said it was a calling at
One time and now it seem to be a curse at this time, he did not say this with words but this is
How I felt; I had only told him what had happen to me, not to be a minister or any thing to be
Lifted up in side and now to act like I had done some thing that was wrong.
I was glad when church let out for the day I felt a change in my spirit I could not put my
Finger on it, now I felt that the devil was rejoicing at me now because he had worked
Some Kind of way I was down in my spirit and he took advantage of my feeling.
For some reason about a week later the pastor call for me to come over to his house to talk he ask me to tell him more.
More of the things that was happening to me so I told him, later that night one of his minister came by his house he began to tell him that I had ran into God And the devil.
He began to tell me how he had got saved about hearing the voice of the Lord, how his hair stood up on his arms.
But he did not see any thing, so I told him I did
Not say what had happen to me was greater than what had happen to him I only told what I had seen then I knew someone had been talking to him about what had happen to me and it hurt..
And it has really hindered things for me.
I would like to say before I go on that the first six weeks of my experience; I got about eight
hours of sleep in six weeks.
The image started to change when I went to bed cut out the light the ceiling would disappear
The face of the sky would appear like at night in my bed room the sounds of night.
I would hear this sound like a wind the face of the sky would appear in my room I saw these difference image would appear like a lion pass before my eyes and disappear ,some time I
Would feel some thing go under the bed I would hear like wings flapping an it felt like the
Bed would be moving and difference image would appear, back at work at lunch time I laid back to rest and I close my eyes for awhile.
Next thing I knew I would be floating and see the vapor like image traveling places.
I would feel this vibrating power like pure electric I could not move but my whole body
Would be vibrating, sometime when I felt this pure vibrating three of my watches have stop working and could not be fixed, with my eyes Close I Would still be traveling, and when I would pray I would feel like two hands on my head.
Later things started to change in my bed room.
For about eight nights remember how I had said how the ceiling would disappear the face of the
Sky would appear and now a creator would appear like in the book of revelation where it talks about locusts.
Had hair like a woman and teeth of a lions had a breastplates had two wings and a crowns
On it head I remember the first time I saw it coming from the sky into my room and flew in my face.
I did not know what to do I kept asking the Lord to help me it seem like God was not there.
This happen about eight times the last time the locusts came into my room it move under my bed cover.
I turn the cover back real fast I saw a cloud laying in my bed the locusts came up out the
Cloud afterward I lost it I began to cry I felt that I was at wit ends no hope not anyone to hear or care.
After crying for awhile I then felt a being in my bed holding me and taking all my fear away it
Seem like He held me a long time I talk to him and told him about all my fears and I don't know how long I laid there before I when to sleep.
When I went back to church I did not want to say a word, you could tell that I had been the
Main talk sometime I would feel some one tap me on my shoulder when I would turn to see no one was there it worry me.
I was at a cross road in my life I did not know what to do or where to go for help.
Now my room at night became jet blue then a Strong arm would grab me take me up out of my bed.
I would try to get loose but did not have enough strength I would be flying then I would black
Out, this happen to me many times I wanted to talk to someone that could help me I began to read many books about people testimony.
I started watching the 700 club on TV people would be giving testimonies about being raise from the dead; people being heal.
People being deliver from evil spirits, saw Angel, went to heaven, I said to myself maybe they can help me so I call them on the phone.
And talk to a lady and she said that she was glad that I had call and I told her my story and when I had finish telling her, my story she told me that she felt that when the Lord.
Got finish with me I would have a testimony.
Later I call David Wilkerson ministry I wanted to talk to Mr. Wilkerson he was not there
But one of his member prayed for me that the Lord would bless me.
I prayed to the Lord that if he let me find a real church somewhere else that I would leaves but the Lord did not lead me to go some where else
I met Mahesh Chavda when he came to Austin Texas I had seen him on the 700 club program.
I had already read his book; he began to call people to come up for prayer I went up there to be prayed for.
He looks at me and said the Lord was doing something in my life.
After that meeting I also met Johanna michaelsen the author of; the beautiful side of evil, I told her my story.
My life story her husband prayed for me then I also went to meet with the full gospel business
Men fellowship I met with them on Saturday for about six weeks I felt like I was all alone
No one understood what I was going through the devil made his presence known he made the
Grounds shake under my feet and would not let me sleep some time I could not tell if I was
Dreaming or wide awake I saw my self fighting a snake that I could see through
My wife said she came home one day and I was sleep she said I just sit up in the bed and pointed
My finger at some think she could not see and began to speak in another language and when I
Had finished I just laid back down unto this day I can not remember this.
I almost for got that one night my wife was sleep I was laying beside her I felt something
Next to me I slowly turn my head and there was a figure lying beside me I turn back around but
Every time I turn back around it was still there I don't know how long it stayed.
Doing this time look like the room was moving at great speed going down, a power set me up
In bed one night and I began to spin around for awhile I keep saying I am not sleep this went on
For awhile I began to ask the Lord what do this mean why is this happening to me I said I was
Trying to get closer to you Lord what have I done wrong I am sorry please forgive me.
Sometime at work my chair would feel alive some time I would see what look like a demon
Some time at home I saw it there I look in the mirror it would appear behind me I prayed many prayers.
Sometimes I would stayed at Denny restaurant, and ihop restaurant so I could be around people
And not be alone, no one understood how I was feeling, one brother in Christ told me the Lord showed him I needed a friend.
Sometimes he would call or come by to check on me.
This experience lasted about thirteen months one day I recall I was not floating any more.
I was not seeing spirits any more yet I did not know why it happen I knew I would never be the
Same until I get some answers I started reading many books.
I hate to say this me and the pastor never had good communication until his death in 1994
Before he died I went to see him and I told him I was sorry if I had done anything he felt I had done to offend him.
Years later when I pray or think of the Lord I would feel a lot of heat come all over me get into my eyes
Here it is the year two thousand and two I just went on three days and half fasted.
About Two day I was given great joy later the powerful electrify feeling grab me I began to
Vibrate until I could not move my self free I don't know what the Lord have in store for me.
A brother in Christ kept telling me to write my story I kept putting it off I told him people
Would not believe it they would think I was crazy he would not take no for an answer I
Prayed about it I had for got a lot of details but when I set down to write a lot came back to me.
Somethings I had forgotten came back to me and still I did not tell it all. In august 2001 I
Was playing basketball a young man came up to me in a group of guys playing ball and he ask me what church did I go to.
I thought it was strange, that he ask me this out of a group of ball players I told him and I ask him why he was asking me about what church that I was going to. And this is what he said
That When I was standing up he saw an angel standing behind me I have never seen the young man since but I told him where I went to church and if he wanted to go I would pick him up.
I was down in my spirit when I had went to the ball park, at this time when I left the park I rejoiced in the Lord because he had Not forgotten me if you read this story it is true when you feel no one cares like I have felt call on Jesus.
He may not come when you want him to but he is always on time.
This is a true story; my story, the story of Robert Minnick;
September 4, 2003 I had a dream I saw minister Benny Hinn he was at his church and his people was dancing and praising the Lord for awhile later I came and talk to him, after he wanted me to bring the message on his TV program.
On his Program I got up to speak on the great I AM I started talking about when Moses saw him, as I was talking pastor Hinn was talking like he was happy what I was saying as I started telling them what I came out of and what the Lord had done for me, pastor Hinn wife huge me and I fell under the power of God and I began to weep for a long time.
Later in my dream I saw bro.Credic Hill he was talking about leavening for Atlanta when he got his money after awhile he prayed for me he said the Lord was putting something in my life, I told him that had already happen to me in a dream Benny Hinny had prayed for me.
I would like to say as of the year 2004 I have peace in my heart, I have had bible studies in two homes, taught Sunday school for the youth for about ten months, as of now I have wrote about two hundred bible lesson the Holy Spirit game me from 2002 up to now.
I have worked in the Billy Graham crusade
I have still had some spiritual things happen.
I do remember at the beginning of Nov.; I feel the Lord had given me a message to tell some one.
But I did not do it that day or that night, but very early the next mourning I was woke up out of sleep, and inside my spirit I was given the message again so I got up out of my bed went to my computer and wrote this person and when I had finish writing I got up went back to bed and soon as I close my eyes I saw a man in light he had long hair a robe on I saw Him for a few second then light shot from Him to me into my head four about forty minute the light kept vibrating.
I had great peace of mind, it was like the Lord was please with what I had done.
I pray whosoever read this story will be bless and help by was has happen in my life.
Love in Christ Jesus; Robert Minnick