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The first Adam and the second Adam

The first Adam sin against the will of God.
The second Adam came to do the work of the first Adam.
God told Adam be fruitful and to multiply, and replenish the earth.
But before Adam and Eve could bring forth a righteous seed, Lucifer the fallen angel had already been cast out of heaven into this earth.
He knew he had to make a move before mankind could bring forth a righteous seed, so he had to destroy the plan of God, he knew that if a righteous seed was born his plan would be doom, and mankind would take the place he had with God, when he was in heaven with God.
God had made man in his own image, a god man on the earth, just like Lucifer lost his place in heaven with God, Lucifer made man sin and lose his place with God the plan of God had fail, mankind was now doom to die a spiritual death, no hope, God was so angry with Adam that He put Adam sin on all mankind that should be born afterward.
Now God had to make a new plan, by being God, He look at all His creation, from the first man to the last man that would be born.
He even look into Heaven itself, He could not find any that could pay the sin debt of Adam.
God saw that only God could pay this type of debt, God would come to earth, be born of a woman, a virgin birth, He would be the second Adam, His name would be Jesus, He would died for the sin of all mankind, so when we accept what Jesus did, and believe it with our whole heart, then we will become the sons and daughters of God and live forever.
When Christ was born the devil tried to kill Him as a baby, and when He started His ministry He was lead to be tempted of the devil, the second Adam did not fail He did not obey the devil.
Adam lost the glory when he fail, Jesus came to bring the glory back to mankind.
Oh how God love mankind, He would make away for mankind with the death of His Son Jesus.
After His death and resurrection the second Adam work on earth was done; He had the keys of death and hell, all power is given to Him.
Jesus went back into heaven itself after He had done the will of God.
He is now sitting at God right hand side, please believe what Jesus did for you, and repent of all your sins.
Invite Him into your heart and you will be born again,
You will find peace with God only through Jesus Christ, no other way or belief will do.

By Robert Minnick